July 18, 2008

Trades On The Horizon, Game 96


(3-7, 5.92 ERA)
(1-1, 6.00 ERA)
Game Time 9:05 ET
XM XM 185

Trades on the Horizon:

With all the teams inquiring about Jason Bay, I would be shocked if he is not moved. The more I hear the Pirates brass saying Bay and Wilson will not be moved the more I read into it, "We are posturing to receive more in return."

I have a hard time believing Marte will be moved. Huntington loves the draft and seems to believe there is better value to be had from losing a type A player and receiving the two draft picks. I would almost guess he will hold out for two legit prospects in return for Marte if he were to move him. The Dodgers lost their closer and could be interested in Marte for that role since he would come cheaper (prospect wise) than a proven closer.

Nady is as good as gone, but don't bet on it happening before the trade deadline. I could see him moved in the off season or during the waiver period. If he can stay healthy and continue to put up the numbers he has, his value will continue to rise. The wild card with Nady is his health. I am sure he will maintain his current stats through the end of the year, although the batting average will drop at some point.

The good thing about Nady and Bay, almost every team still alive for the playoffs are interested in both of them. I actually think the right deal for Nady could jumpstart this team to a .500 season, a.k.a. Wild Card Chase. The only caveat I have for that prediction, Snell needs to rebound to being a good starter for the team and someone steps into the rotation that will stay and put up good numbers. That someone would have to be a return from the Nady deal.

Lincoln Logs:

Brad Lincoln is making his first start for the Lynchburg Hillcats.  You can listen here.


The Hillcats are losing 5-2 in the 5th...Lincoln has gone 4 so far allowing 5 ER on 7 hits.


Perrotto has some good info at timesonline.com

Finally the PG had a Pirates Blog. I have to wish Dejan good luck with the blog. So far I am enjoying the insight he throws in there as opposed to what is written in the Notebook. Pat and Charlie are getting a lot of love from him.

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