July 11, 2008

Random Madness

Finally I have a few minutes to take a dump and for Random Thoughts. Regular readers will know these are out of left field.

Losing him to the Indians for absolutely nothing is equivalent to what the Pirates would have received in trade.
Don't take me wrong, I wish Bryan all the luck and health in the world, but his value to the team was negligible at best. When a guy with a 10+ ERA gets a call to the rotation before you, a change of scenery can only help.

I will reemphasize my take on AAAA JVB. He does not have the "stuff" to make it above AAA. The movement on any of his pitches is too flat. He does not change speeds and falls in love with his 93mph fastball.
Simply put, a 93mph flat fastball is not enough to be a successful MLB pitcher.
JVB's only hope to make it long term in MLB is to develop an above average change or to switch to an everyday position...provided he can still hit.

Goodbye Again Thor
Craig Wilson was one of a few minor leaguers moved in the last couple days. Good luck in Seattle Craig.
To clarify the trade, after cutting Sexon, the Mariners needed a low cost AAA 1b who can bat above .218.

Sweep of the Yankees?

If you win a one game series, is it still a sweep?

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