July 21, 2008

New Forum, Bautista, Mets Wish List and Game 99


Pittsburgh Pirates
RHP John Van Benschoten
(1-2, 9.77)
Houston Astros
RHP Runelvys Herndandez
(0-3, 10.29)
Game Time 8:05 EDT
XM XM 188


So many people have ragged on the Pirates third base situation and the play of Jose Bautista, not totally undeserved, however it may be better than many think.

I ran a few numbers together to see where Bautista ranks amongst other third basemen in the league with a minimum of 150 AB's this season.  I wasn't looking at normal stats along the lines of OBP or OPS, no I wanted to see what kind of run support he gave.  Roughly, I wanted to see how many at bats it took for an RBI or a Run scored.  Surprisingly, Bautista faired pretty well.

Of the 34 players who qualified, Jose ranked 15th in number of at bats per RBI with a 6.83.  This number was better than Bill Hall, Pedro Feliz, Ryan Zimmerman, Adrian Beltre, Mike Lamb, Alex Gordon Edwin Encarnacion, Ty Wiggington and Scott Rolen.

Looking at at bats to runs scored, Bautista did not fair as well, possibly batting in front of the pitcher could explain his standing here.  Jose ranked 22 of the 34 third basemen eligible with a 8.00 AB/R ratio.  Better than Bill Hall, Ryan Zimmerman, Ty Wiggington and Scott Rolen among others.  Bautista was not far off of the numbers of Joe Crede, Brandon Inge Adrian Beltre Alex Gordon nor Troy Glaus.

I also noticed he ranked 17th in AB/HR ratio with a 25.45. 

Bottom line is Jose has produced in limited playtime, maybe not at an elite level, but he has been an average offensive third baseman this year.  That puts him in the same league as Melvin Mora, Brandon Inge, Mike Lowell and Bill Hall who are the 4 players immediately ahead of Bautista.

While Bautista has not played at an elite level, he has been a league average third baseman offensively when it comes to the all important run. 

The Mets Wish List:

AM New York has a list of players the Mets are allegedly looking at due to injuries in the outfield and bullpen.  Both Marte and Nady are listed.  The Mets are not good trade partners for the Pirates, their farm is pretty much devoid of talent thanks to the Santana deal with Minnesota.  Don't get your hopes up Met fans.

New Forum:

I am playing with a new forum software, let me know what you think of the potential new forum, the link is here and a direct link to the Pirates portion is here.




Dejan runs down a list of trade rumors in the Pirates Notebook on the PG today.  Headlining is interest in Jack Wilson.


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