July 25, 2008

Nady and Marte Traded

I am getting conflicting reports, so I'll just say the Yankees are the most common name mentioned. More as I find out.


UPDATE: Nady and Marte are heading to the Yankees for 4 players.

Below is a link to each players stats:

Ross Ohlendorf 25, RHP - Was being converted to bullpen before the trade.

George Kontos 23, RHP - Primarily a starter in the minors.

Phil Coke 26, LHP - Primarily a starter in the minors.  (Not considered a top 25 prospect.  Likely nothing more than filler.)

Jose Tabata 19, OF - Soon to be 20, already in AA.  Currently on the DL.

Looking up scouting reports on these guys.  More to come as I find them.



PinstripePlus.com has a review of what the Yankees gave up in the trade.

On Jose Tabata:

With an offensive game known more for his ability to hit hard line drives and high batting averages than his developing power, he gives the Pirates a replacement that may not take too long to reach the big leagues.
"Tabata is just special," Yankees hitting coordinator James Rowson said of Tabata. "He's a young hitter but special is just the way to describe him because he can do things that most players can't do.
"He does them and he does them with consistency. He's just that guy, he can hit. There's not much to do with him except toss him some baseballs and let him get after it."

On Phil Coke:

Coke had put together two solid seasons at the high-A level prior to this year but had taken the next step in his development this season after refining a very good breaking ball to go along with a quality changeup and a fastball that had jumped up in velocity to the 91-94 MPH range.

On George Kontos:

Making advancements with his developing changeup and quality big league curveball to go along with his power fastball and power slider, Kontos had 103 strikeouts in nearly 107 innings. His 91-94 MPH fastball that can hit 96 MPH at times and his plus slider makes some scouts believe he could be a nice addition in the back-end of a big league bullpen someday.

On Ross Ohlendorf:

Once a sinker-ball starting pitcher, the Yankees moved him to the bullpen to take advantage of his power arm. Pitching for Triple-A Scranton at the time of the trade, going 1-1 with a 4.03 ERA, he had posted a 6.53 ERA in 25 appearances for the big league club earlier in the season before his demotion in late June.

There is much more on them all in the article.


BTW Take:

The more I read, the more I start to like the long term affects of this trade.  Tabata looks to be a very strong addition that could be with the Pirates as soon as 2010 depending on health.

Of the three pitchers, Ohlendorf looks to be the closest to MLB ready, but may be the one with the more limited pitching repertoire.  Kontos and Coke look like the other acquisitions Huntington has made in recent months, hard throwers that could mix in well with the soft tossing rotation we currently have.  Coke scares me being 26 at AA, I need to look a little longer to see if he missed time due to injury.



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