July 11, 2008

By the Bay in St. Louis or Arizona

Some interesting quotes from a Sports Illustrated article on St. Louis and Arizona being front runners for Jason Bay or Xavier Nady:

The Pirates are believed to be seeking Arizona's top prospect Emilio Bonifacio, a second baseman, in a package. The Diamondbacks are reluctant to deal Bonifacio since Orlando Hudson may leave as a free agent after the year. From the Cardinals, who'd surely like to match the trades of Milwaukee (CC Sabathia) and the Cubs (Rich Harden), the likely target is top center field prospect Colby Rasmus, who's thought to be untouchable.
It is nice to see they are aiming high, makes me believe the Dodger rumor wasn't far off. Let's hope for a bidding war!

"We're looking for what we deem appropriate value. We're not going to limit ourselves to guys who are close (to the big leagues),'' Huntington said. "Our goal is to maximize our return and find a good match.''
Remember DL and wanting MLB ready players, basically knowing his butt was on the firing line.

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