June 21, 2008

Random Madness

Chicago Blows
I hate Chicago. Actually it is a great city, but the Pirates are 1-8 there this season. So pardon me if I don't feel bad about Soriano or Zambrano doing stints on the DL. Fortunately for Zambrano, there is no structural damage in his sore shoulder.

Excuse me for having no sympathy for a team that has a goat curse that has seen them go a century without a World Series trophy. The Pirates have not seen a +.500 season in a decade and a half. At least the Cubs have had winning seasons and playoff appearances in their century of futility.

No DL?
It looks like Nady will avoid DL time with his shoulder. Salas was sent packing again to make room for Morgan.

I find this move odd considering the poor week the pen has had. I fear Russell is burning out the big 4 in the pen. Not that he should worry about over working them, half will likely be traded by the deadline anyhow.

Jonah And The Whale
Jonah Bayliss was sent to Toronto for the popular PTBNL. Don't expect much back in the deal, I am guessing a lower level loosely considered fringe prospect. Maybe a top 50 player in the Blue Jays farm system or a case of Molsen.

Zach and Paul

Zach Duke had another nice outing last night going pitch for pitch with Roy Halladay.  Zach and Paul Maholm have become two of the more consistent starters on the staff.  Who would have thought Dumatrait, Duke and Maholm would be the 3 best starters on the team?  If Gorzy and Snell can iron out their issues, we should look forward to being potential buyers at the trade deadline.  Maybe we can do better than Matt Morris this year? 

Why do I think the Pirates could be buyers?  The Wild Card is not out of realistic chance right now.  Next week, after the Rays and Yanks are done with the team, the tune may change.  Right now, it is not out of the question.  No team between Pittsburgh and St. Louis in the standings are so much better they could run away with things.  The Pirates are 7.5 back of St. Louis in the race and 4.5 back of Milwaukee and Florida who are tied at 2nd in the WC standings.

St. Louis has been doing it with mirrors so far, but the Pujols injury could be the one that sends them tumbling back to earth.  The Pirates are no more than a 3 game sweep away from being in the thick of the WC Standings.


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