June 2, 2008

Random Madness - Return to Blogging

I had been wondering about the Bullington call-up, more along the lines of which rotation spot he would slide into. Today the Post Gazette may have answered the question. Gorzy could be sent to the minors.
At least it is an option. JVB seems to be a career AAAA pitcher, or destined for the pen. Bullington is the next in the short line of starting options in Indy.

Finally Back
Due to family health problems I took a slight hiatus from posting. It is good to get some thoughts on screen again.

Bucs Cubs
Just a thought on these two teams, but are they evenly matched? No, I am not drinking again. These two teams have played so many extra inning games, one has to consider the possibility. Next question is, are the Pirates nearly as good as the Cubs or are the Cubs nearly as bad as the Pirates?

June Swoon?
The next two months will tell us if the Pirates have improved. In recent years, June and July have been the tripping point for the Pirates. Can they stay near .500 into August?

Getting Offensive
The big difference this season compared to any season in a decade and a half...Offense. Bay, Nady and McLouth have formed a nice tandem in the lineup. Add in a streaking LaRoche, a healthy Freddy and Jack with a return of Doumit and this offense could be lethal.

Getting Defensive
The defense should improve greatly with Wilson back, most of the gaffs have come from short. If Jack can keep that leg healthy, the pitching will improve.
Need proof? Look no further than Sunday's game against the Cards. The Cardinals made 5 outstanding defensive plays to salvage a 7-4 win and make their pitching stats look better than it was in reality.

All-Star Outfield?
When was the last time the Pirates had 3 players legitimately put up All-Star numbers? Bonds, Bonilla and Van Slyke in 92 would be my guess. We bloggers and blog readers need to stuff some ballot boxes and get McLouth, Nady and Bay to the Bronx for the All-Star game. We stuffed it for Bay and Sanchez, let's do it again.

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