June 13, 2008

Quick Update

As a few of you know, I live in Iowa, between Cedar Rapids and Iowa City.  With the way things have been around here lately, I have sluffed off on the BTW site a bit.  After things calm down a bit I will be back.  This has been a strange year.  In case you have not heard, Cedar Rapids is under water and Iowa City is partially there.  The Iowa River in Iowa City is expected to crest on Wednesday.  Here is a link for anyone interested.


Some quick thoughts...


Doumit is on fire.  We might have a 4th alternate for the All-Star game.


The Pirates have the second toughest strength of schedule in all of MLB according to ESPN, second only to the Rays.  The fact they are still playing nearly .500 ball is impressive.  Now the toughest test comes.  Interleague.  This is the time of year we Pirates fans have a tendency to take a peek at Latrobe to see what the Steelers are up too.  There is a slight difference this year as opposed to past seasons...We actually have a few options at DH.


An one link...Myron Cope had a comet named for him.  The article is here.


I'll be back soon...

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