June 3, 2008

Draft Winds A Blowing

I am looking forward to the upcoming draft, not for Alvarez nor Posey nor any other first round selection.

What interests me is how many long shot, destined for college, pay over slot players the Pirates draft. You know, players like Nate McLouth who was destined for U of Michigan. Maybe the next Ian Oquindo, err Snell.

Players round 15 and on who would be paid over slot. Guys who are too small to be a starter. Big upside, bigger risk, that other teams are afraid to draft.

Next, I want to see how many "Lefty McThumps" get drafted by the Pirates. How many hard throwers? Will more high schoolers or college players be drafted?

While the talent won't immediately be known, the portrait of the future of the Pirates will be painted.

I want to see the future...

Will Huntington and Coonley paint a Picaso or a daycare finger painting?
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