April 12, 2008

Some minor site improvements

Some of you may have noticed, some may not, the site has been slightly modified. 

Some minor additions have been added, including AP articles and AP video feeds found below the post section...For those days where I don't get to post, I am still looking for that billionaire to gift me a couple million dollars.

I have also added a Smapp applet that shows the seasons schedule, game stats, links to the ESPN box score (click on the game) as well as an Google maps view of the stadium.

The standings and full MLB schedule are still available below the AP feeds.  Rotoworld feed and BallHype feed are also available in the right menu bar near the bottom.

The forum is still there, hoping it will take off some day.

There is a tech section, if you have any technical computer type questions, I'll be glad to help.  My profession is in the IT industry.

The BTW Mall is still available, if you are looking to buy something online, send me what you are looking for and I'll see what kind of deal I can get for you.

Also, there is a games section.  Might I recommend the Pinch-Hitter game.

Take a look around...

Let me know what you think of the additions and changes.



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