April 14, 2008

Season So Far. Good, Bad and Ugly

The Good:

Nady has been impressive winning the Player of the Week honors for the opening week of the season.  For the first week, Nady and McLouth were the majority of the offense.

The Pitching for the most part has been good.  Defensive lapses have caused more issues than anything.  Duke looks to have regained a bit from his rookie season, he is still allowing to many hits, but he has kept those scattered hits from scoring.  Snell continues to be an ace.  Maholm has been quietly awesome.  Gorzelanny looked good in his most recent outing after some arm issues that carried over to his first starts.  Morris has taken a lump for the team when he was left in well to long against the Cubs to save some bullpen arms.

Bay seems to be back to the Bay prior to 2007.  Let's hope his knees hold up the entire season.

Nate has been Great on defense as well as with the bat.  He has a 12 game hitting streak to start the season.  Why was it he didn't get the starting centerfield job sooner?

One really can't complain about a 3-3 road trip nor a 3-3 home stand.  Starting the season 6-6 is more than anyone could have expected based on the results from essentially the same team in 2007.

For the most part, the bullpen has been exceptional considering the extreme workload they have had due to extra inning games and the occasional lame start.

Both Doumit and (surprisingly) Paulino have hit well early in the season.


The Bad:

Freddy Sanchez's shoulder and bat have been bad, but his glove and range are seemingly better than last year. 

Jack Wilson has been sidelined and placed on the DL, weakening the middle infield defense.


The Ugly:

Evan Meek started his major league career in abysmal fashion.  He has faired better recently, but his first couple outings were horrible.

Adam LaRoche has played well in the field, unfortunately he seems to be wearing his first-baseman's mitt while batting.  Yet another slow start for LaRoche, although his average is at least above .100 as compared to last season.

The defense up the middle has been horrible.  For all those wanting Jack Wilson gone, this is why he was kept on the team.  Bixler is not as bad as he has appeared, remember he is a rookie.  Most players, when they get their first cup of coffee in the bigs, have a tendency to struggle.  His glove and arm are better than the slew of errors he has committed.


BTW Take:

Something to watch for, and to be concerned over.  Duke has surpassed 100 pitches in each outing.  While I am growing to like the way Russell manages the team, I am questioning the pitch counts being used.  More than once, the starters seem to be left in a little too long.  Maholm would be having a stellar season if not for pitching one inning too long in his first outing.

Dusty Baker is overly hyped as  being a great manager.  The Reds are doing the same thing that killed the Cubs under Baker.  Bad defense, mental errors and bad management of their pitchers.

Johnny Cueto looks to be a good young arm, I hope for Reds fans Baker doesn't ruin him ala Mark Prior.

Rich Hill of the Cubs reminds me of Zach Duke, don't be surprised if he has a horrible season, similar to the issues Duke went through. 

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