April 19, 2008

A Funny Thing Has Happened

I don't know how to explain it...

I can only explain the situation...

Maybe by the time I finish, I will know what has happened...

The last 3 games, all losses, I have experienced something I do not recall happening in the last 16 years.  This dreaded thought pops into my head as I listen to the Pirates game on my XM Radio (cheap plug, I have been watching too much NASCAR and WWE).  The only way to describe the thought is, I ask myself, "Who will get the hit to tie the game?"

Someone said this could be optimism.  I fought that off with one simple answer.  I am a Pirates fan, we have no optimism!

Now I have to ask, is this actually me being optimistic when it comes to the Pirates?  This team is playing differently than it has at any point in the last decade and a half.  I am actually listening or watching past the 6th even when Matt Morris is starting and allowing a run an inning on average.  Even then, I say they need to score a bunch of runs in this one. 

But I believe they can do it.

What is wrong with me?

Is it spring fever?

Is it optimism?

Do I need a shrink or new glasses?




Yo! Bartender! Another round.

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