March 3, 2008

McCutchen To Start In CF, 1B Injuries

McCutchen to Start in CF?
An interesting tidbit from Mr. Huntington. During an interview with Holden Kushner (sp?) on MLBLive (XM Radio) he was asked about the CF position. His answer startled me. He said it was down to McCutchen and Morgan. Huntington did mention Mclouth and Duffy later, as well as McCutchen being on the rise multiple times.

BTW Take:
I think this was a slip of the brain, more than a potential juicy rumor. When talking about so many M's, he had to get confused. Morgan, Mclouth, McCutchen, Mienkiewitz. Hell Doug confuses me just spelling his name.

Regardless, something to watch for.

Speaking of Mr. M., he will likely make the team. Why? With the slew of injured 1B's around the league this spring, he and Nady will become valuable trade chips.

BTW Take:
I am expecting a late spring trade of Nady. Possibly back to the Mets or Padres. The Padres have more to offer. Don't be surprised if the Snakes slither into the discussion.

Doug M. could be sent to the Mets, depending on Delgado's hip. The drawback? The Mets farm is barren after the Santana deal.

Sorry for any typo's. I am posting from a handheld.

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