January 15, 2008

Contest Rules and Prize

In a transparent attempt to jump start the BTW Forum, I am offering up possibly the ugliest bobble head ever. I am offering up The Bob Walk Bobble Head given out the same night as the 1st Pirates Fans For Change Green Shirt Protest.

You may ask, "How could I win such a valuable prize?"

I will answer, "Simply join the forum and post like crazy."

I will set up a reader poll with the top posters and anyone who submits posts that are nominated by another user. Also, the creators of the most read and most replied to threads will be included as nominees.

Voting will take place between April 1st and April 21st, 2008. The winner will be announced after the poll closes. I will contact the winner via email for shipping info. The winner will also earn the title "BTW Idol 2008".

Register for the forum here:
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