January 28, 2008

Bedard Ramification

The Erik Bedard to Seattle deal should signify the end of the Mariner-Pirates rumors. Right?  Probably yes... But wait! The rumors are not done yet.

Let's look at some facts about the rumored deal:

  • Adam "Don't Call Me Pacman" Jones was scheduled to be the starting right fielder for Seattle. The Pirates still have a wealth of corner outfielders they are looking to move.  Nady would likely be a good fit for the Mariners, but Bay may intrigue the M's if they have anything left in the cupboard.  Seattle is part of Canada right?
  • Peter Angelos has yet to approve the deal that send Bedard to Seattle. In other words, Ian Snell is still in play for Seattle, Angelos is notorious for flexing his muscles by nixing deals such as this.
  • Another thought concerning Snell. Plenty of teams are looking for a frontline starter. After a potential Bedard trade, and potentially a Santana to the Mets deal, a few higher profile teams will focus on the Snell availability.  Basically any team in the Santana or Bedard rumor mill.


If, or when, this deal gets done.  Look for many rumors revolving around the Pirates to start flying.  The real question is, will any of them have teeth?

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