December 11, 2007

Validating Inge?

Pat at WHYGAVS has a post up on Brandon Inge asking if that is the best we can do for a rumor.


Charlie from Bucs Dugout has a post up providing numerical proof that Inge would be a good acquisition.


The Detroit Free press reports the Tigers and Pirates have been discussing Inge over the last few days.


I have a couple posts saying it would be terrible to land Inge and fearing it would happen.  Now I will take the time to justify my statements.


One thing has been made clear by Inge, he does not want to play catcher again.  Sorry Charlie, he won't fill in as an emergency catcher when Doumit gets hurt again.

As for his defense, I can't throw numbers around with Charlie, that's his thing and he is very good at it.  I can only make my defense of Inge's defense by what I have seen in the last few years he has played with the Tigers.  (I have seen quite a few Tigers games, my in-laws are from Detroit)  Inge is the type of player that will infuriate any Pirates fan. 

He will be described as a blue collar Pittsburgh type of guy.  His defense is good enough to get some highlight reel plays that will show on Sports Center, but if you watch those plays closely, he makes routine plays into highlight reels.  His arm covers his lack of range and poor glove.  I will give credence to the guy having a rocket arm.

If anyone can gaff a ball, then throw a strike to first to save the play, Inge is the man.  I can't tell you how many made to order DP balls he turned into outs at first.  I have never been impressed with his defense, especially his glove.  Why do you think the Tigers wanted an upgrade at third the last few years?   

As for his offense, he is a .240 hitter who had a career high 27 HR's in 2006.  Prior to the 27 homers, he never hit 20 in a season at any level, 16 is his next best.  He bats right, which obviously will be an advantage with the spacious left field of PNC.  He will be 31 in May of 2008, in other words, he isn't going to improve over what we have already seen from him.

At least with Bautista we have a 27 year old just entering his prime years.  He has power numbers as good as, if not better than,  Inge.  Jose's fielding percentage is on par with Inge's.  If we trade for Inge we get an older version of what we saw last season with Bautista with no upside and less speed.  I would rather see what the Pirates have in Bautista than get what is proven in Inge.

Inge is a player than can be hid on a good team.  The Pirates aren't a good team.  

Overall, I agree with Pat far more than Charlie.  Once again, sorry Charlie.

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