December 12, 2007

Trade Winds: As the Rumors Flow

Thanks to Eric for this link:

The Cleveland Plain Dealer is reporting neither Shoppach nor Lee were part of the Bay trade negotiations.


In the Bay negotiations, it's believed Lee and catcher Kelly Shoppach were never involved in the deal. Pirates GM Neal Huntington was more interested in acquiring three to five of the Tribe's top prospects.

BTW Take:

I like this.  Bay is the Pirates centerpiece.  To ask for less than top prospects would be foolish.  Now the 3-5, depends on the other number.  Is that 3-5 top 30 prospects?  Asking for 3-5 top 10 prospects would be insane, but would be a starting point I guess.  At least I now believe Huntington when he says he wants to build the farm and grow from there, looking at 2008 and beyond. 


Pat From WYGAVS found this link:

The San Diego Union-Tribune is reporting a deal with the Pirates and Padres is a possibility.  The names mentioned are Morris and Barrett in the initial portion of the article.  The Padres are also interested in Bay, Nady or McLouth with a return being AA stud Chase Headley.  Here is the WYGAVS link, read it and be good to Pat, I am trying to get him to send some traffic my way.


BTW Take:

Two rumors for the price of one.  Man I love the Barrett for Morris part.  Headley would be a nice addition, but if multiple prospects could come from a Bay deal with Cleveland, I don't think I am offering Bay for just Headley.



UPDATE(12:51 pm):

From ESPN's Buster Olney:

Oney is reporting essentially the same info on Bay to the Padres but more details.  Olney infers the deal could be close as the Padres have a deal they "felt they could make for some time."



UPDATE(5:23 pm):

The Post-Gazette is reporting the Pirates and San Diego have not discussed Bay.

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