December 12, 2007

Some Interesting Non-Tendered Links

Dallas McPherson - was non tendered by the Angels.  He is coming off back surgery, but the Pirates should jump all over this before anyone else does.  Even coming off injury, he is a gamble worth taking.


Emil Brown - remember him?  Well the Royals have decided to non-tender him.  Brown led the Royals in RBI's 3 straight years, the only player other than Carlos Beltran to do that.  Neal, look away.  Emil was Tike Redman before Tike was Tike.  Huh?  He is only 32, and played on the "Freak Show" Pirates for 66 games.  Seems like he should be 50 by now.


Mike O'Connor - is coming back from left elbow surgery in November 2006 and was not offered a contract by Washington.  He would fit in well with all the other starters in Indy, they can compare battle scars.  They would all have so much in common and save the Pirates the trouble of burning his arm out.


Nook Logan - no Nookie for you Washington.  They also non-tendered their opening day centerfielder from 2007.  Nook would be a good add to see which piece of , er, uh, what sticks in center until McCutchen is ready.  He would make a nice option if say an outfielder is traded before the season starts.


Jason Tyner - Minnesota did not offer a contract to a 4th outfielder who hit .286 on 304 AB's in 2007.  On most teams he would be a nice 4th OF.  For the Pirates, he could start in CF.

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