December 6, 2007

Rule V Prediction

Here is my lowly guess at who the Pittsburgh Pirates grab with the second pick of the rule V draft:

Brian Barton, an outfielder in the Indians system. He is a 5 tool guy, with a few questions attached to his demeanor. The next time you hear "it doesn't take a rocket scientist" to play for the Pirates. Well, this kid had an aerospace engineering major at Miami.

He is 25 and had a knee injury in 2006, but is definitely worth a gamble. At his age and his performance level, he may be ready to play in MLB right now. I don't see wasting a bench spot on him him being an issue, he will contribute.

Like I said, this is a guess. I have no solid insight, and no idea what the Pirates will do. I just know Huntington said they would make a selection. Oh, did I mention the kid is in the Cleveland system, someone Huntington knows a little about.

A link to Barton's stats at The Baseball Cube:
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