December 16, 2007

Random Madness

Indians Deal?

Once again in case anyone missed the post, according to the Cleveland Plain Dealer:

In the Bay negotiations, it's believed Lee and catcher Kelly Shoppach were never involved in the deal. Pirates GM Neal Huntington was more interested in acquiring three to five of the Tribe's top prospects.

The funny thing about trades, no team completely fesses up to what might have happened.  Considering all the other moves Huntington has made so far, I would lean more towards what came from the Plain Dealer than the Post-Gazette.  Why?  Look at most of the acquisitions so far, they are mostly hard throwing minor league pitchers.  It looks as if Huntington is looking at building the farm with prospects and highly tradable commodities.  In other words, he is grabbing all the hard throwers he can find.  Overall, a smart move compared to DL's fascination with control pitchers.


San Diego Deal?

The latest from the San Diego front?  Well, it looks as if the Padres are still looking for some outfielders, especially depth considering the recent injury history of Edmonds.  In case you missed the news, the Padres traded for Jim Edmonds Friday night. 

The Barrett deal, as it stood, was a Pirates outfielder and Morris for Barrett with minor leaguers involved.  The random outfielder makes sense now.  Whether McLouth, Duffy or Morgan, they all fit nicely as a 4th outfielder in the event of injury.

From the last I heard on Friday, the Padres are still interested in Bay.  The Barrett deal could get much larger.  The Padres feel less of a need of urgency now that they have Edmonds in the fold.  The bad news there, the Pirates have lost some leverage against Towers in the negotiations.

Towers has been hyping the Pirates interest in Headley, but this is a normal Towers tactic.  He usually hypes the player he wants to deal to artificially raise the players value.  Hopefully Huntington ignores the hype.  From what I have heard, the Pirates did inquire about Headley's availability, but nothing more than that.

Like I said, teams don't fess up on deals that don't work out.

The Padres are also looking at Geoff Jenkins as a possible fit in right field.  Scott Hairston is penciled in to be the left fielder.


Another Pirates Addition

The Pirates have signed minor league pitcher T.J. Beam.  Beam is a 6' 7" right handed pitcher who hit the high 90's on the radar gun.  He has control issues and no really dependable second pitch.  A moderate to good breaking ball or change-up could make this guy an interesting piece in the bullpen.  He does throw a less than spectacular slider.

As I said earlier, I can see a plan with the signings Huntington is making.  He has signed at least 3 hard throwing minor league pitchers, one of the missing parts throughout the organization.  These hard throwers are usually the best trade bait when adding a minor leaguer to a deal or getting position players in the minors. 

It is kind of odd to be able to look at a Pirates GM's moves and understand them.  Wow, this could take some getting use to.


Silence of the Lambs

One free agent the Pirates should take a look at is Mike Lamb, a left handed hitting 3B/1B with a decent bat.  He made $2.7M last season allowing.  This is only if the Pirates feel Bautista is not the answer at 3B or feel Lamb would be a good fit as a utility player off the bench at 1B/3B.  He is a career .281 hitter with 10-15 HR power playing for Texas teams, so take the power with a grain of salt.  He would likely be a better fit than the a return of Thor, we have enough 1B/OF spots filled.


We more

The Pittsburgh Pirates will finally have a new slogan saying, "We Will...bury this stupid slogan."  The new, original slogan?  "Let's Go Bucs!"  I have never heard that one before, still much better than "We Will..."

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