December 14, 2007

Random Madness - Mitchell Report

Grin and Barrett

The San Diego Union-Tribune is still touting the interest in Bay, Nady and McLouth.  I find it interesting Duffy's name has not been involved in the discussions.  I'll have to make a call and see if his name is one of the minor leaguers rumored in the possible Barrett deal.


Mitchell Report

My thought on the Mitchell Report?

The important thing to remember is the names in the report are the ones Mitchell discovered by primarily talking to two sources.  Yes, Mitchell spoke to many clubhouse people, but the names came from two "dealers".  Just because your favorite players were not included, don't for one second think this clears their names.  The 87 names mentioned is a far cry from the entire list, just the ones who were outted. 

The Mitchell investigation was far from a complete sweep of the league.  I would guarantee there are many more players who spent the last few nights waking in a cold sweat or having trouble sleeping all together.  For those not mentioned, feel fortunate. 

For the fans, don't believe for one second, if your team had no players named, that every player on your team has been clean.  There is a reason why this period has been called the steroid era, and that reason is not because of 87 players. 

Overall, I think this investigation was a waste of $40 million by MLB.  Jose Canseco named nearly as many people in his book and that didn't cost MLB one cent.  The money would have been better spent on education to the players in the majors and minors as well as outsourcing the testing to a non-biased party.



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