December 21, 2007

Pirates Sign 3 Minor Leaguers

The Pirates signed three minor league players today, as well as juggled the scouting department a bit.


BTW Take:

Don't get too excited from the article in the PG. 

Mike Thompson - RP - 27 - Primarily a starter in the minors, spent some time in the pen in San Diego in 2007.  A career 4.73 ERA in the Minors.

Scouting report from

Assets: Uses good breaking stuff to induce plenty of groundball outs. Equally effective against hitters from both sides.

Flaws: Needs to get ahead in the count early and gain stamina to remain effective beyond the fifth or sixth inning.

Potential: Decent late-rotation righty.


Michel Hernandez - C - 29 - A career .260 hitter in the minors.  Not much more can be said.


Miguel Perez - C - 24 -  The PG points out a .322 average last season.  Don't be fooled.  He is a career .269 hitter in the minors.  It looks as if he was coming back from injury last season, he played in GCL, A and AA.  He has some, very little, experience in 2002 at 1B ( 2 games ), 3B ( 2 games ) and OF ( 1 Game ).


Neither catcher has any real noticeable power from the stat lines.

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