December 12, 2007

Pirates Outfielder and Pitcher to Padres

At this point, this is sheer rumor as no official news sources are carrying the details:

Word from San Diego is the Padres and Pirates have agreed to a deal that would send a Pirates Pitcher, I am assuming Morris, and an Outfielder to San Diego in a 6 player trade. 


More info as as it becomes available.


UPDATE(5:23 pm):

The Post-Gazette is reporting the Pirates and San Diego have not discussed Bay.


BTW Take:

The Post-Gazette update dispels Bay to San Diego, as mentioned by the San Diego Union Tribune and ESPN, but it does not dispel a different outfielder to San Diego.  That narrows the phantom list to Nady, McLouth, Morgan and a slew of Minor League fodder.


UPDATE(9:06 pm):

Names are starting to fall in place.  It looks like Barrett to Pittsburgh with Morris and either Morgan or McLouth to San Diego.  There are minor leaguers in the deal and (the most traded player in baseball) PTBNL, likely based on Morris' performance.  Still not sure on much else, supposedly the deal could be announced by Friday.

Once again, this is rumor and my source (sorry man) bats about .500 on his scoops.


 UPDATE(12:22 am):

Interesting.  In the 5:23 update, the PG says Bay has not been discussed.  DK ends the article with "More details in tomorrow's Post-Gazette."  Unfortunately, no more details are posted.   Hmmm???


UPDATE(12:34 am):

The link is up at the PG.  As promised.  Guess I jumped the gun.

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