December 28, 2007

Old News: Jose Castillo, SF Giants

Jose Castillo is now a fish. No, I didn't name a Christmas present Jose, the Marlins signed him this week.

BTW Take:
Jose will likely take over at 3B for the traded Cabrerra. Watch this be Castillo's breakout year, afterall he is just entering his prime years.

SF Giants:
There is a lot of talk recently on how bad last years signing of Zito was. The Giants have an even worse minor league than the Pirates, if you can believe that.

Some are saying that the move made litle sense, since the Giants were not a player away last season and were old. Now they will attempt a youth movement without the young talent to make the move.

Now, I will attempt to defend the move and show why the Giants are in better shape than the Pirates.

Signing Zito, a prominent pitcher, to a long term deal allows the team two roads to travel.

One, they can build arouund Zito and form a solid and experienced staff that will make the team appear competative until they ca build an offense.

Two, the Giants could trade Zito to get a jump start on rebuilding their farm system. Simply look at what the A's got for Haren, trades like that are what gives good GM's mythical status. It was also the type of deal that rebuilds a franchise.

One reason the Pirates will continue to do little more than tread water is the ownerships unwillingness to take a bold move and spend money in free agency for a tradeable commodity.

Rebuilding from within will take longer than anyone is willing to wait if you can not get an influx of talent from outside the draft.

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