December 20, 2007

Link-O-Rama and What They Mean.

Just Prove It

Jerry Crasnick runs down position by position who has something to prove in 2008 in his article "Those who have a lot to prove in '08"

BTW Notes:

Two Pirates are mentioned.  Jason Bay is a topic for the outfield.  Zach Duke gets an honorable mention for pitchers.


He Ate What?

Poor Jonathan Papelbon, his dog ate his ball

BTW Notes:

Sounds painful, but his dog, Boss, ate the ball from the final out of the 2007 World Series.


Phil the Jenkins

Geoff Jenkins will be signing/has signed a 2 year deal with the Phillies.  Jenkins had been in discussions with San Diego to round out their outfield.

BTW Take:

Expect the Bay to San Diego rumors to start again.  This opens the door for one of the Pirates outfielders to be traded to the Padres.  Rumors have mentioned Nady, McLouth and Duffy in addition to Bay recently.  Considering the fact San Diego now has 2 starting outfielders who bat left handed, look for a right handed bat to be acquired.  Nady maybe?


Pirates West?

The Colorado Rockies have signed two former Pirate pitchers, Mark Redman and Kip Wells.

BTW Take:

Now they need to resign Fogg and land Benson and we can finally see what the Pirates could have had if they had an offense and a defense.  My opinion is Colorado has taken a step back from 2007.  Chacon has been rumored to return and they resigned Herges.  Colorado is focusing on "pitching" but I think they need glasses when it comes to Wells.


Grin and Barrett

The Padres resigned Michael Barrett.  This is likely a precursor to a trade with the Pirates. 

BTW Take:

Maybe a Morris for Barrett deal will free up enough cash to make a bid on Mark Prior.  HaHa, that cracks me up.


Be Warned

The Phils have dropped out of the bidding for Kyle Lohse, leaving the Mets as possibly the sole bidder.  Lohse is looking for $10M a season with the Mets offering 4 years at an un disclosed amount.

BTW Take:

This story has Pirates written all over it.  If and when Morris is traded, look for the Pirates to enter the bidding on either Lohse or Prior to round out the MLB rotation.  Prior is rumored to be out until as late as June, depending on the writer, so Lohse may become a Bucco target.  Remember, this is merely a warning, as of now, please refrain from jumping off the Westinghouse Bridge.  Even when the Pirates are rumored to join the bidding, they will not land him.  Lohse will use the Pirates only as a bargaining chip to get more from the Mets.  I hope.

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