December 30, 2007

Finally Some News and Rumors

Thank you Perrotto.

After weeks of no Pirates news at all, Joe Perrotto from the Beaver County Times comes to the rescue.

It looks like it is down to the Pirates and Indians for the services of Matt Clement.  According to the article, Clement built a home in Butler and wants to live close to his new home.  How much closer could he get than Pittsburgh, unless he requires a Major League team to sign him.  Maybe the Wild Things have a better chance.


BTW Take:

If Clement signs a MLB contract, look for Morris to be dealt for a bag of peanuts and a WaterPik.  I think Morris may be happy in the Burgh, so he may be willing to pitch from the pen.  The thing is, $10M is a heck of a price for a reliever who isn't a dominant closer.


Also in the article, Brian Rogers signed a minor league deal and Carlos Garcia, who was the Pirates token All-Star rep in 1994, is hyped as the new minor league infield coordinator.


McLouth Rocks

Oh, Dejan defends McLouth's numbers in the Post-Gazette.  He drops the info of discussions are ongoing with Runelvys Hernandez to return.


BTW Take:

The McLouth article reminds me of some PR the local San Diego papers have done for Towers in the past when he tried to build a players worth through the media.


Bay Rumors Swell

Recent teams mentioned as having interest in the Pirates left fielder include San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle, Cleveland, New York Yankees, Chicago White Sox, Toronto and Minnesota.  The list continues to grow, but the offers are still small.  Unless a bidding war starts, don't look for a deal to happen anytime soon.



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