December 9, 2007

Bucs Intrigued by Inge

Just what I was fearing...

The Detroit Free Press is reporting:

The Pittsburgh Pirates are intrigued by Inge but wary of his contract. They shed roughly $6 million from their 2008 payroll by cutting infielder Jose Castillo and trading reliever Salomon Torres this week.

DL wanted him.

Front office wanted him.

Now Huntington wants him?

It seems as if someone other than the GM is making the calls on these matters. 

Let's see.  McClatchy is gone...

DL is history...

Tracy, ditto....

Who is left?

Mr. Nutting?

For someone who wanted baseball people to run the team, a lot of the same moves are being made.  Why else would Castillo not have another chance with new management and manager? 

Ownership can be the only answer.


Maybe DL wasn't the moron we all thought he was, maybe ownership simply used him as a scapegoat for their penny pinching ways?

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