November 2, 2007

Welcome Back Chuck, and a Manager

Welcome Back Chuck

According to the Tribune, the Pirates have made there decision.  Chuck Tanner will be a special assistant to GM Neal Huntington.  Welcome back Chuck, it will be good to see you now and again around PNC.  Coonelly guarantees he will not be a figurehead, which is good for Chuck, he would hate to be a figurehead.


New Manager?

Oh, by the way, the Pirates are expected to announce the new manager Monday.  My odds on favorite for the job is Jewett, but would not be surprised by Skinner.

Oddly enough, none of the 5 candidates have been told who the selected is.  Kind of an eerie DL feel coming off this one.  Sorry Neal, you don't deserve that harsh of a comment just yet.


Neal and Bob:

How long until we start reading about Neal Huntington and Bob Nutting and someone cracks, "Neal and Bob, because that's what they do."?


Poor Kenny.

Maybe Macha will be manager in a couple years, or in a couple days?


The "NEW" Yankees?

Is it just me, or are the Red Sox on the verge of becoming exactly what they hate?  The Yankees.  If they pursue and land A-Rod, they will be perceived as buying championships, even though they had not up until they sign A-Rod.  Their previous 2 championships would be tarnished by signing the premiere free agent.   As soon as that signing happens, the Red Sox become the most hated team in baseball.  While the Yankees rebuild all the time claiming they have learned the error of their ways and are now financially responsible and on par with the rest of the league.

Naaaaah!, "Quiet George" would never let that happen while he is still breathing.

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