November 1, 2007

Manager Rumors

Here is a rundown of potential new managers for the Pittsburgh Pirates, with link goodness and my odds for the person to be named Manager:

John Farrell - 50% - The hot man on campus, Boston's pitching coach.

Torey Lovullo - 40% - Cleveland's Triple A manager.

John Russell - 35% - The Phillies' triple-A manager.

Joey Cora - 27% - Ozzie's main man in Chicago, could be an interesting fit.

Tony Pena - 25% - Don't hold KC against him, upper management quit on him long before he quit the team.

Joel Skinner - 20% -Indians 3rd base coach, I just don't see him as a good fit.

Jamie Quirk - 15% - Colorado Bench Coach.  He has expressed interest, but the Pirates have not to date.

Rick Kranitz - 5% - More likely as a pitching coach, but you never know with the Pirates.

Dave Jauss - 5% - More likely as a minor-league field coordinator or a special assistant to Huntington.

Buck Showalter - 1% - Long shot at best, he has turned down better opportunities and likes Vets.

Dave Holliday - 0% - Candidate for farm director, not the managers spot.


A few others I don't have links to right now.

Trent Jewett - 45% - Triple-A Indianapolis manager, he know the players since he has managed most of them.  A dark-horse with good odds.

Ken Macha - 12% - Just because he is from Monroeville, he may still hold a grudge for being passed over for Tracy.

Phil Garner - 5% -Scraps would remind the older crowd what it was like to win the Series. 

Bob Walk - 1% - Long shot, no managing experience but plenty of drinking experience.

Andy Van Slyke - 1% - It would be fun to hear his post game news conferences. 


I think the next Manager isn't on the list yet, he will be a hire, similar to Mike Tomlin with the Steelers, out of left field.  The guy will walk in and knock the socks off of Huntington.  Another possibility is a former player to allow fans to relive the glory days.

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