September 7, 2007

Some New Stuff

For those observant enough, the menu bar under the BTW banner has expanded.  I added a few additional links that I hope you all enjoy and use. 


For those new to the site, in my spare time I have fiddled with a few things and created some BTW sister sites that have nothing to do with baseball.  Ok, there is some baseball on everything but the BTW Mall, which is a deal site that also has some baseball equipment deals as well as memorabilia links.  So there is baseball everywhere.

The BTW Store has Pittsburgh Sports items via Amazon, another thing I have played around with.

There is a chat, that I may use during games or log into when a big deal comes down or major breaking news.  I'll have a link up when I plan on being their live.  Everyone can feel free to use the chat room for almost anything.

I also did some tweaking to the Forum.  Hopefully some of you will leave some messages, I check it daily for anything new...which has yet to happen.

The last new addition is the Games site, I will be adding games as I find them.  It is a nice diversion for the upcoming off season.  May I recommend Pinch Hitter.

One other note, if you haven't signed the petition to sell the Bucs yet, take a minute to add your name.

If you can't tell, I like messing around with the computer, it is my real life profession.  There are many things I have learned from messing with the styles on the blogs that I have carried over to work.  As a bonus, I get to write about the Pirates and sports in general.  Now if the Pirates would just break out of this 15 year slump.


I will be resuming the multi-part series on the 2007 Pirates and Beyond over the weekend. 

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