September 7, 2007

No More DL!

Dave Littlefield has been released of his duties as General Manager of the Pittsburgh Pirates as outlined in a letter from Robert Nutting to the Pirates Fans.


BTW Take:

About time. 


I still find the "letter to Pirates fans" a little odd.  I think Robert Nutting is trying to endear himself to Pirates fans by directly addressing them rather than the standard press release.  It is an interesting idea, something he likely learned in Business Management 101. 

Overall, Nutting is gaining some respect from me.  He realizes that a good baseball mind needs to oversee the GM's moves, something McClatchy never realized.  With McClatchy not grasping that idea, many moves that should have been vetoed still were made.

I still think that is how Morris became a Pirate, no one with an in-depth knowledge of baseball to nix the deal before it was signed.  It doesn't matter if I like Morris being a Pirate, which I kind of like, what matters is the Pirates took on more payroll than they should have in the deal. 

Maybe, just maybe, a new day is starting for the Pirates thanks to Bob Nutting.

Or it could be the S.O.S.


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