August 4, 2007

Wilson to Detroit Soon?

Yes, the rumor lives on.

According to the Post-Gazette, Wilson has waived his no trade clause.  Detroit was one of the 6 teams on the limited no trade.


The Detroit Free Press reports on Neifi Perez and his 80 game suspension.  Wilson is mentioned in the article.


A quote from the Free Press article:

The Tigers nearly acquired Pittsburgh shortstop Jack Wilson before Tuesday's non-waiver trade deadline and might still be able to get him this month. According to an executive with knowledge of the negotiations, the Tigers were willing to assume all the guaranteed money on Wilson's contract: $6.5 million in 2008, $7.25 million in 2009 and a $600,000 buyout (or $8.4-million salary) in 2010. Wilson's contract also includes a $200,000 bonus if he is traded.

From the Post-Gazette Pirates Notebook on August 2nd:

One source intimately familiar with the matter said that a deal was virtually done Tuesday and that the Pirates would receive two of Detroit's top six prospects, including an unnamed pitcher ready to join the major-league staff. But the sides haggled on how much of Wilson's contract the Pirates would pick up, the source added, and the delay was on.

From the "sources" it appears negotiations are going further, pending Wilson clearing waivers.  It seems the sticking point is what Detroit gives up if they assume the entire contract.   With Wilson waiving his no trade clause, it would appear he is already going through the waiver process.  

Cory At the Pittsburgh Lumber Company covers some of the Detroit players that were/are rumored.

BTW Take:

I fully expect this deal to be done within a week if it is to happen during the season.  There is always a possibility of a Winter League deal, but the Tigers need Wilson now, not in the off-season.


In other rumors

According to, Walt Jockety would like to stay with the Cardinals when asked about the Pittsburgh possibility.

BTW Take:

I don't believe the rumor of Jockety to Pittsburgh.  He is far to intelligent to think he could turn around this franchise.  I expect the Pirates to hire last years "McDonald's Manager of the Year" to fill the position. 


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