August 4, 2007

Surprise! Bayliss Demoted.

In a predictable move, the Pirates demoted Jonah Bayliss today, after recalling him last Sunday.  The move put the Pirates pitching staff at 12 after carrying 13 pitchers for less than a week.


In another predictable move, the Pirates also recalled right handed reliever Franquelis Osoria from Indy, raising the pitching staffs number back to 13.


Also, first round pick Daniel Moskos was promoted to Class A State College.


BTW Take:

Good for Daniel.  Bad for Jonah.  Is it any wonder this team is so screwed up.  With Nady on the bench until Tuesday, making a move that brings up an additional position player would make too much sense.  Considering the team has been carrying an extra pitcher all year, might as well carry two extra.  Lord knows the bench is so good it doesn't need any help.


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