August 3, 2007

Sports Minute Help!

I received another email from Steve Hofstetter from Sports Minute (or so).  He is requiring some assistance in his FameCast comedy contest.  See below:

Sports Minute Peeps-

I'm sorry for the flood of emails this week. I wouldn't keep writing if this weren't so important to me.

I've fallen into second place on Famecast just now, and have 18 hours to claw my way back up. The comedian in first place has a celebrity sending messages for him every few hours. I have you - my friends. And we can still win.

I need your help. If you've already voted, thank you. If you haven't, please take a minute to vote! And let your friends, colleagues, enemies know. Whoever you know with an email address. The point is if you can walk around the office and ask for 2-3 more votes, tomorrow morning will end much more positively.

If I win, I promise giveaways for every one of you. You all have sales departments - if you let me know that you sent this out, I'll send you ten books or CDs to giveaway.

To vote, visit

And thank you. You are the reason I've even come this far.

If you enjoy the feature, please vote for Steve.  He is a good guy and needs your help. 



The BTW Staff (a.k.a. Dave)

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