August 1, 2007

A Second Look at Morris Deal

After a hard night of binge drinking, obviously to celebrate purge my brain of the unimaginable trade to acquire Matt Morris.  Following a bit of worship at the porcelain alter, I was hoping the madness of the news that Matt Morris was traded to the Pirates would make sense.


While kneeling there saying one last prayer of "I'll never drink again" I was troubled by a moment of clarity which revealed why this deal actually makes sense.


As I awoke this morning to the sound of Lanny saying it was 7-0 Pirates in the 3rd, the stunning image of the WTF move of the trade deadline was still somewhat clear.  Since I was mostly sober I decided to get my thoughts together.


Why does this trade make sense?  Why haven't the Pirates been doing this more often?  Yes, I am asking why they don't do this more often.


This move accomplishes two things for the Pirates.  Luckily for you I will cover both.  Provided I don't pass out from alcohol poisoning.


First:  This move was not a move by Dave Littlefield alone.  No, I believe Bob Nutting wanted to shed the stigma of being a cheap franchise.  What better way to dispel the rumor of being a tight wad than to pay full price for a name pitcher acquired via trade?  Nutting wants to prove his ownership regime will be different that the one he silently controlled from behind the curtain of McClatchy.


Second:  This is a move designed around getting a named player on the franchise, a player other veterans will know and associate a MLB franchise with.  Morris isn't just a 5th starter, he is a high priced player on a "MLB" Franchise.


It is obvious the Pirates could not lure a player with the pedigree of Morris from the free agent market.  The only way this team can acquire a named player is through trade or seriously overpaying free agents similar to what the Tigers did with Pudge Rodriguez.  The thought is by acquiring a player like Morris, the Pirates may be able to lure some free agents to the team.  If it works, the Pirates should have done this years ago.


Now that the Pirates have Morris, the 20 game winning streak will begin to prove to the world DL knew this team was still in it. 


OK, maybe I am still drunk.  But the Pirates won the first of the twenty 15-1 over St. Louis.


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