August 4, 2007

Random Madness

Neifi Perez

The news is out.  Neifi Perez failed another drug test and has been suspended for 80 game.  The Tigers and Pirates are almost certainly discussing terms as I write to complete the deal for Jack Wilson.  As close as the trade was rumored in the Post Gazette and the Detroit News, the talks will have to be revived now.  Wilson was looked at to supply some depth to the Tigers infield.  Now he may be required to fill a valuable spot, especially with Sheffield being injured, it would allow Detroit to move Guillen to 1B or DH to fill the void Sheffield is leaving in the lineup and strengthen their defense up the middle if they acquire Wilson.


Bonds Fails Again

I am so tired of seeing that headline on every site I read for baseball info.  Couldn't the editors be a little more accurate and creative?  Bonds has not failed at anything.  He has 754 homers in his career, hardly a failure since only one other player has ever hit that many or more.  I hope Bonds breaks the record soon, so we don't have to hear about it anymore.  I am tired of the chase, just hit two Barry and put it to rest.


My Opinion on Bonds and the Asterisk

I have never hated Bonds the player.  I have never been a big fan of the person, he has always come off as rude and pompous.  However, I can't find any issue with what he has accomplished over his career. 

The talk of keeping him from the Hall of Fame is ridiculous.

The talk of an asterisk next to the record is stupid.

There is a reason I have not posted a comment on the topic, I find it to be a moot point.  He was a Hall of Famer before the allegations arose.  He has been one of the best in the history of the game over his career, even before his melon started growing. 

Bonds, even if he used steroids, never broke a baseball rule, so why should he be punished by baseball?  Did he break a law?  Possibly, but that is for the courts and judicial system to determine not the Baseball Writers nor Major League Baseball. 

Tell me, have you ever broke a law?  Don't lie, I know you have.  I am not defending Bonds, nor anyone else who may have used a performance enhancing drug, I am simply stating fact. 

The argument is always given that he broke a law.  Murder is against the law too, but the baseball rules have no "rules" around killing another player or opposing team.  If MLB had such a rule Littlefield and the Nuttings would be long gone for killing the Pirates franchise.

All I am saying is Bonds has never been proved to have broken a baseball rule.  So honor the record and enjoy seeing history.  The judicial system can take care of the rest. 


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