August 13, 2007

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Salomon Torres has dropped his grievance against the Pirates.


BTW Take:

Sally claims this is due to religious beliefs.  More likely a trade is in the works that will send him to a contender, it is believed both he and Wilson cleared waivers.  Possibly Sally and Wilson to Detroit?


Pirates fluff on Latin Scouting and the draft.


BTW Take:

Damage control by Littlefield.  The article claims the Pirates are dominant with their Latin American teams and Gayo has done a great job.  I do not dispute he has done a great job, considering there was no scouting in Latin America for years.  These players won't make an impact for another 5 years or so, long after Littlefield should be gone.

Part two of the damage control is justifying the draft of Moskos since Matt Wieters has not signed with Baltimore yet.  The O's have until Wednesday to sign Wieters or lose his rights.


Free Press wondering about the Wilson deal.


BTW Take:

This is a good article.  The best line is "What the heck are they smoking over there?" after reporting the rumored offer of a Double-A pitching prospect (Jair Jurrjens or Dallas Trahern) and a lower-level prospect for Jack-O.  That is a legitimate question.  It looks like Jack would be starting if the Tigers pry him away from Evil Dave.


Cory reports the Pirates are spanking the Red Sox in the most important area.


BTW Take:

Yes, the Pirates mascots, pierogies, are wooping up on the dirty Lefty and Righty Red Sox.  Be responsible and vote for the pierogies.  Homerun Derby is running the mascot bracket.  You can vote here.


McCovey Chronicles speculates on the speculation in the PG on a source from San Fran's speculations.


BTW Take:

According to the "Source" in the Post-Gazette, the PTBNL is on the 40-man roster.  According to the original trade report, the player was a minor leaguer not on the 40-man roster.  Regardless, MC takes a look at the players it could be, rumored one of two pitchers.  If the source is correct, the PTBNL could not be revealed until after the season unless they clear waivers.  For those concerned it is JVB, he was on the 25-man and off limits to the trade at the time of the deal.  Whoever the player is, it would almost have to be a rule 5 eligible player.


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