August 3, 2007

Jose's Team?

Possibly it is nothing more than a statistical oddity, but the Pirates play their best when Jose Bautista is the third baseman and batting second. 

Over the last two seasons the Pirates are 20-15 when Bautista bats second.  True, it is a small sample size but the Pirates record with anyone else in the 2 hole over the last two years is 91-134. 

When Bautista starts at third, the Pirates are 55-62 over the last two seasons.  When anyone else starts at third the Pirates record is 56-95.

Looking at the record alone, one may assume the Pirates revolve around Bautista.


Batting 2nd W L
2006 w/ Bautista 7 7
2006 Anyone else 60 88
2007 w/ Bautista 13 8
2007 Anyone else 31 54
Starting at 3rd W L
2006 w/ Bautista 15 16
2006 Anyone else 52 79
2007 w/ Bautista 55 62
2007 Anyone else 4 16


What does it all mean?  It means it is difficult to write about anything other than the damned Morris trade right now.


Best comment on the trade:

"That move is so far out of left field, it's in the Monongahela."

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