August 30, 2007

For Those Scoring at Home

A rules clarification for anyone confused by the appeal at 3rd in the 4th inning of the Pittsburgh Pirates and Cincinnati Reds game:

With 2 outs Edwin Encarnacion singled to left field with the bases loaded and 2 outs.

Adam Dunn was at 2nd base when the ball was put in play.

He missed 3rd base on his way home.

Ken Griffey Jr. scored ahead of Dunn.

An Appeal at 3rd base was made by the Pirates.

The runner, Adam Dunn, was called out for missing the bag.

By rule, the appeal at 3rd base is considered a force out thus no runs could score on the play.  The single should be changed to a fielders choice.

If Adam Dunn was at 1st base and missed 3rd, the runners ahead of him would have counted, since he never advanced a base, it is a force out.


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