August 16, 2007

A Couple Notes

Looking for a dead end job with a poorly  run organization?  The Pirates are looking for an Assistant Minor League Equipment Manager - Pittsburgh Pirates (Bradenton, FL)


On a side note, the Toronto Star is running an article on Jason Bay and the possibility of him coming to Toronto.  Some interesting quotes from JBay in this one.

"I actually enjoy being out of the public eye," the 29-year-old native of Trail, B.C. said. "I like the market here. It's just a little under the radar. That would all change if we started winning a little bit."

Hmm?  Would that be a back handed compliment or a slap at ownership carefully worded?


"It is definitely frustrating," Bay admitted. "It wears on you after a while. You can only hear, `We're looking forward to next year,' so many times. The fans get agitated and it starts up in here. No one in here enjoys losing and that's the thing."

Amen Brutha!


"I like it here," Bay shrugged. "I like the direction. I like the guys and all that, but time will tell. I would definitely not be reluctant to sign a long-term deal. I'm a big fan of Pittsburgh, but it also boils down to getting the ship pointed in the right direction."

Translation:  We need a captain who knows how to steer the ship away from the iceberg.


"Some people are looking for the quick fix, pull the switch and boom you're a contender. The reality is that doesn't happen for a team in our (financial) situation. ... I like it here. It's really beautiful. At some point it's definitely going to be about winning ball games, not just putting on the uniform."

Nothing like having a job in a beautiful area.  I would guess this would be like having a job dressed as a giant lobster walking the streets in Honolulu as an advertisement for a seafood restaurant in Hawaii, "just putting on the uniform...I like it here...It's really beautiful."


BTW Take:

Wishful thinking on the side of the Star.  In all likelihood Bay is traded before his contract expires for some middle relievers.  Toronto, load up on them middlemen now so you can make the trade in a year or two.

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