August 23, 2007

Back from the DL - Random Madness and Links

Well, my knee is feeling somewhat better, I can at least walk on it with minimal pain.


Let's start off with a congratulatory pat on the back for Bucco Blog.  They have announced that they have been added to the BlogBurst syndication network.  BlogBurst has a slew of blogs that appear on nearly 100 news and media sites. 

Welcome aboard. 

For clarification purposes, BTW has been a member of BlogBurst since May of this year.  Even though I don't have the readership of Bucco Blog, hopefully they will correct their statement of being "the only Pittsburgh Pirates fan blog to be available for social media syndication via BlogBurst to over 100 top-tier news and media sites like Reuters, USA Today, Gannett Newspapers, Fox News, and many others".


No Mo Monroe

In case the news has not made it to you, the Cubs have acquired Craig Monroe from the Tigers for cash and the ever popular PTBNL.  Obviously the cash is what kept the Pirates from acquiring Monroe, they have plenty of PTBNL on the roster.


New CEO?

The Post-Gazette is reporting the new CEO will be a baseball man from a small market type of background.  Rumor has it there have already been some interviews.  I am still waiting for the call to set up my interview.


Shake and Bake?

The Trib is reporting no plans are in place for a front office shakeup.  The good news is the new CEO will have the power to shake whatever he wants.


Cut on Another Pitcher?

Yet another Pirates pitcher will be having surgery.  John Grabow is scheduled to have surgery this off season.  The surgery will remove a bone chip from his shoulder.


A bunch in one article.

Duffy may be done as a Pirate, he is injured again while being on rehab.  The Bucs are loving the Play of McLouth over the last month, something I have been preaching on since last hot stove.  Mclouth gives more power and better base skills than Duffy.  Duffy has more speead and better D, but McLouth is the more durable of the two.

The Pirates are happy they landed Phelps.  So are the fans.  The bench has looked much better since the acquisition.

Luis Mantos was traded to the Mets for future considerations (a.k.a. Nuttings  Ho-hum.

And Duke was scheduled to pitch 35-40 pitches for Bradenton.


Coming Soon

More coming soon.  As promised, I am working on the 2007 and beyond series.

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