July 25, 2007

Wily Mo please NO!

According to multiple outlets, and the mother ship.  Wily Mo is in DL's sights.  MLB.com has a rumor rundown with the following except:

Red Sox: It may only be a matter of time before Kielty joins the Red Sox in Wily Mo Pena's current role. Pena has been mentioned in rumors involving the Washington Nationals and Pittsburgh Pirates.

BTW Take:

Why oh why would the Pirates want another guy who doesn't know the term "Base on Balls" and has an affliction of hovering at the Mendoza Line?  He is a right handed batter with mucho power but no plate discipline.  His defense is questionable at best.  Classic DL move.

I would expect Jack Wilson and a reliever would be sent to Boston for Wily Mo and a minor leaguer.  The reliever would likely be Marte since Boston's primary lefty specialist has been struggling all season.

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