July 24, 2007

Wilson a Blue Jay? Uh, no.

According to many, the Jays are not interested in Jack Wilson.  Of all the quoted from J.P. Ricciardi, this is by far the funniest and most brutal:

"We have no interest in Jack Wilson, absolutely no interest in Jack Wilson. None," he said. "I have Jack Wilson. I have John McDonald (a light-hitting, good defensive player)."

The quote is from the Toronto Sun.


BTW Take:

Bad contracts are hard to offload.  Remember the many attempts to move Jason Kendall?  The only difference between Wilson and Kendall is Jason could hit.  Don't expect much in return from a Jack Wilson trade, it will be as much a salary dump as the Kendall trade was.  Littlefield is stuck in the 80's when a SS was expected to play defense, with no offensive expectations.  The rules have changed.  There are no positions on a team, with a limited payroll, that a player can be considered defensive specialists and also be a starter.  On a higher payroll team, that player can exist because the chances are good that the rest of the lineup will be a group of All-Star caliber mashers (see Yankees, red Sox, etc.).


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