July 26, 2007

Trade Winds - Rumor Mill

Philadelphia Daily News:

This weekend's series against the Pirates will afford the Phils a firsthand look at bullpen cogs Shawn Chacon, Damaso Marte and Salomon Torres, the latter of whom has demanded a trade.

Newark Star-Ledger:

The Yankees were described yesterday as 'all over the map' in their search for relief pitching help. That means they're looking into the big guys, such as Eric Gagne, Chad Cordero and Octavio Dotel, as well as lower-level arms such as Cincinnati's David Weathers, Pittsburgh's Salomon Torres and Houston's Dan Wheeler.

The Post Gazette is talking about the Dodgers looking at Marte, Torres and Chacon.


BTW Take:

Seems everyone is interested in our bullpen guys yet DL continues to try to push Jack Wilson rumors to the media?  Knowing the market for relievers set by Milwaukee's acquisition of Linebrink, wouldn't it make sense to work off that?  Not our DL.  He will get less than market value, if anything, for Chacon, Marte or Torres.  In other words, he will still ask for too much and get nothing.


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