July 31, 2007

Trade Days Link-O-Ramma - Deadline Day

Player To Link
Jack Wilson Detroit Detroit Free Press
Marte, Torres, Chacon Dodgers Los Angeles Times
Brian Bixler White Sox Chicago Tribune


BTW Take:

Wilson to Detroit has been rumored for a few days now in both Pittsburgh and Detroit.  The article goes on to discuss Marte, Chacon or Torres would entice the Tigers to take on more of Wilson's salary and net a better return to the Pirates.  No names are mentioned as far as the return.


The Dodgers need pitching, looks like Chacon would be the best fit since they need some temporary starters while their current rotation licks their wounds.  The Dodgers are not impressed with the starters available on the market and are looking to improve their pitching by solidifying the pen.


Bixler to the White Sox is a pipe dream of the Tribune company.  Their reasoning is the Pirates acquiring Izturis makes him expendable.  UH, No!


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