July 28, 2007

More Scouts Scouting Bullpen Arms

The Toronto Sun is reporting the following:

The Phillies had scout Charley Kerfeld in Pittsburgh looking at Astros and Pirates relievers: Houston's Brad Lidge, Dan Wheeler and Chad Qualls, along with Pittsburgh's Salomon Torres, Damaso Marte and Shawn Chacon.


Detroit, which had scouts Scott Reid and Al Hargesheimer in Pittsburgh watching Pirates relievers.

BTW Take:

Don't read too much into the Phillies scouting the Pirates, MLB teams not from Pittsburgh usually scout upcoming opponents.  There have been rumors flying about a Philly Pittsburgh deal, but I don't see it holding much water.  The rumor goes Michael Bourn, the guy who went 4 for 4 with a walk last night, to Pittsburgh for Chacon and either Torres or Marte.

Detroit has more teeth.  Detroit has had some injuries in their pen and could use some bullpen depth.

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