July 31, 2007

If my last name was Littlefield...

What moves to make?

Here are some moves I would look into if I were Dave Littlefield before the 4:00 PM deadline:

1.) Jack Wilson to Tigers - The Tigers are also looking for bullpen help.  A package of Wilson and one of the 3 relievers on the market would land more than Wilson alone.  I'd look for 2 minor leaguer position players in the deal, one legitimate prospect and the other depends on the reliever sent.

2.) Damaso Marte - At least 1 possibly 2 minor league position players.  Boston is a better fit than some of the other teams mentioned.  If only 1, the player would have to be a legit prospect.

3.) Shawn Chacon - A mid-level prospect with a good chance at making it to the Majors.  Once again I am looking at a position player, maybe a Delwyn Young from the Dodgers.  They are desperate with the pitching woes they have run into lately.

4.) Salomon Torres - Once again I am looking for a position prospect.  Since the Rockies are deep, they are a nice trade partner for Torres or Marte.  They have a few nice players being blocked, I would see if I could get one of them.

Now that I am done with the obvious...  Now for the creative moves.

5.) Freddy Sanchez - St. Louis, more like LaRussa, would love to have him.  A two time All-Star and defending batting champ would fill in nice in front of Albert.  Since Freddy is still under control of the team for a few more years, I would want 2 position prospects and a lower level minor leaguer.

6.) Jason Bay - With so few power hitters available in the market, Teixera already gone(?), Dye is the only true power threat available.  Bay could land a nice 2 or 3 prospects, at least 1 being a top level prospect, and a lower level minor leaguer.  Bay is cheap and under contract for a few more seasons.  Now is the time to move him, his power numbers and RBI's are still in line with his previous seasons.


Now what happens to the lineup if all these moves are made? 

At least 10 position players would make their way into the Pirates Farm System if all the deals are made.  This instantly improves a weak spot on the team, the minor league position talent. 

Bixler gets a call up. 

Castillo is back at 2nd. 

Izturis is at SS if Bixler struggles.

Nady moves to LF.

Doumit gets plenty of time in RF.

Grab 3 relievers, even Wasdin, from Indy and earn them some stripes.


What to do with what I receive?

The position players I receive, it would not matter what position they played.  I want to stock pile all the talent I can in the system.  The more $#!t you throw at the wall, the more that sticks.  Some of the prospects may be ready to join the team immediately and contribute, others might need more seasoning.  Come Hot Stove time, I have some chips to make moves with in order to add to the MLB roster. 

Overall, I want to improve the franchise top to bottom.  With the payroll saved, I can make a play on some Free Agents in the off-season.  Yes, I am forced to overpay, just like the Tiger with Ordonez and Rodriguez, but I am looking to field a winner while building the franchise.

Does this sound far fetched?  It is exactly what the Marlins did to get their team to two World Series by building their farm system through trades.

I am submitting my resume now.


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