July 29, 2007

Braves Scared By Pirates

According to MLB.com, the Braves were scared off by the asking prices for Torres, Marte or Chacon.

Braves have eye on Bucs' pen

Salomon Torres has been one of the hottest names on the rumor mill for the Pirates lately, but the grievance he filed against the Pirates could diminish his value. That's because, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports, if Torres wins his case against the Pirates, his contract would be terminated, no matter who he was playing for. MLB.com is reporting that the Braves are a team who has looked at Torres, as well as other Pirates relievers Shawn Chacon and Damaso Marte, but were scared off by the Bucs' asking price. Shawn Chacon also appears likely to be traded as the Pirates have yet to begin talks on a contract extension with the right-hander. -- Jeremy Anders

BTW Take:

DL has a history of asking for too much for the wrong players, but this time he may be justified based on the deal Milwaukee and San Diego made involving Scott Linebrink.  Unfortunately DL has not been held in high regard by other GM's, so his outlandish demands sound even more far fetched.


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