June 4, 2007

So much to say...

And my ISP is not cooperating. It seems as if Mediacom is having DNS issues. I really hate Mediacom.

It has been an odd week. Work has kept me distracted from blogging, working 10-12 hour days someohow takes away from blogging time. Once again, if some billionaire would like to gift me a couple million, I will gladly focus on this blog more. Paging Mark Cuban. Bill Gates? Anyone!!!

Another option is someone sending me the Powerball numbers before the drawing.

Next, my mother-in-law comes to town. Could it get any better? Save any pity you are feeling, we actually get along well, she is pretty cool, but another distraction that kept me offline.

I guess it could be worse, my name could be Littlefield.

On to the rant

Why isn't Danny Kolb in Pittsburgh? He has been reacquiring his fastball, recently clocked in the mid 90's in Indy. With as poor as the bullpen has been performing, any good arm will do.

What is the sense of keeping Armas in Pittsburgh? He would be better served throwing BP every 5 days in Indy. This work keep his arm "stretched out" and open a spot on the roster for Kolb.

Adam LaRoche has found his bat. Today he hit his 6th (?) HR of the season and is batting well above .200 now. I'd be more accurate, but the ISP sucks!!!! Hard to do research when you have limited access to the internet. Thanks Mediacom.

Freddy is flirting with .300. Jason Bay is over .300 and on a tear. The offense seems to be finding a groove, just as the bull pen turns to bull manure.

Gorzo should be the Pirates All Star rep is there is only one. Bay has earned another trip to the game. Snell deserves a look, too bad the pen has failed him more often than the offense has.

Kuwata-mania is ramping up in Indy. When he is stretched out and has his arm back, expect the Mania to come to Pittsburgh.

Why does Tracy seem to pick the wrong arm so often from the pen? In the last few days I have cringed when Torres, Sharpless and Bayliss have been called on. Each time, the pen has imploded.

Moving Capps to closer was a no-brainer, now if the pen can just get to him we should be in good shape. I think Torres was struggling from having too many days off between appearances. A setup/late inning role is what he is best suited for. Problem is he seems to be having a problem when he pitches back to back days. It seems his pitches are always up when he pitched the night before. Maybe it is just me?

Until I have internet access worth a damn...Later.
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