June 16, 2007

Saturday is a Big Day

Saturday may be the start of many things for the Pirates and their fans.

First and foremost, the BIG thing is JVB establishing himself as a legitimate MLB starter. If he has a strong outing and becomes the number 3 starter on the staff, the Pirates have an impressive rotation.

Of course the front office will point out at least 100 times before the All-Star break how great player development has been for the Pirates since they are the only team in the league with 5 starters that came up through the organization. Actually the only team with more than 3 home grown starters.

As of late Maholm has been pitching better than his stats show, Friday's game was a good example of that. Considering the White Sox couldn't hit a slow pitch softball pitcher lately, it may not be great proof.

Snell and Gorzy have been great all season.

Duke, well there is hope after his last outing.

With JVB in the rotation, hopefully to stay, Chacon should solidify a shaky pen. Scary thought of BP solidifying anything but the opposing teams batting average.

The next big thing is a weekend without Tracy at the helm, he is taking the weekend off for his sons graduation. Wouldn't a home sweep be ironic?

Rumors of a possible Jack Wilson trade continue to swirl, a trade may be imminent. In reality, might the Pirates be showcasing Castillo more than shopping Wilson?

Everything adds up to possibly the start of a really good run for the Pirates and the possibility of making a run at .500.

It could also mark the beginning of the annual June swoon.
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